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Filling the world with tiny Eureka moments...

Our aim is to invent and develop innovative new laundry and cleaning products that solve those little (often annoying!) everyday problems.


Our first innovation, Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver, is the brainchild of our co-founders Dave and Tom, who spent years developing Vamoosh's patented formula.

Our latest innovation, Vamoosh Washing Machine Cleaner, uses our patented Hair Dissolving Technology to remove the build up of hair from washing machines - along with eliminating limescale, dirt and residues and killing 99.9% bacteria.

The whole team at Cares Laboratory bring together a powerful blend of innovation, manufacturing and branding expertise forged over decades working in, and around, the industry - plus of course, a love for the furry friends in our lives!

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Our  Story

The Vamoosh Story
Mr Chips and how it all came about

The inspiration for Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver came from family pet, Mr Chips (pictured here).

As much as we love Mr Chips, his pet shedding was causing a never-ending hairy problem in our household - particularly when it came to washing his dog pet bedding and dog blankets in the washing machine. The hair would always stick to the bedding - and the washing machine would end up clogged up with pet hair (and if there's anything worse than pet hair it's wet pet hair!!)

That's when the idea for Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver was borne!! After years in the laboratory, we came up with Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver.  Following on from our innovative laundry product, we then came up with the idea of Vamoosh Lingerie and our new Vamoosh Washing Machine Cleaner - and we have plenty of other innovations in development, so watch this space! 


Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free Vegan Logo

We are proud to display the PETA-Approved logo to show that Vamoosh is a cruelty-free brand and to raise awareness that innovative and quality products such as Vamoosh can be made without the need for harming animals. You can find out more about The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Foundation.

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