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The Ultimate Solution for Pet Hair on Beds - Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver

Updated: Jan 16

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Pet hair clinging to pet beds is a constant issue for pet owners around the globe. This problem extends beyond cleanliness and appearance, often leading to an unpleasant odor over time. The presence of stuck pet hair further complicates the washing process of pet bedding, thereby becoming a significant concern for animal lovers.

Vamoosh Australia, understanding this widespread issue, has developed a groundbreaking solution - the Pet Hair Dissolver. It's the world's first pet hair remover designed for use in washing machines, aiming to make the task of cleaning pet bedding quicker and easier. Vamoosh's Pet Hair Dissolver, with its enhanced formula specifically engineered for hairier breeds, ensures no type of pet hair is too tough to handle. By using active oxygen to dissolve hair and eliminate any lingering odors, it leaves both the pet's bedding and the washing machine hygienically clean. With the added assurance of leaving no chemical residue behind, Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver emerges as the ultimate solution for pet hair on beds.

The Persistent Issue: Pet Hair on Beds

In every corner of the globe, pet owners grapple with a common, persistent issue - the relentless shedding of pet hair that stubbornly adheres to pet beds. This problem goes beyond simply compromising the cleanliness and aesthetic appeal of these beds. Over time, it results in an unpleasant odor that seeps into the bedding, turning what should have been a sanctuary for pets into a source of discomfort. The presence of this stubbornly embedded pet hair not only complicates the task of washing pet bedding but also escalates it into a major concern for those passionate about their animals.

Indeed, it's not just the visual appeal and freshness of pet beds at stake here. A more significant issue lies beneath the surface - maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for our beloved pets. Traditional cleaning methods often prove futile against the embedded pet hair, making the washing process a laborious and time-consuming task. But take heart! You're not alone in this struggle. Countless pet owners are facing the same predicament. There is a pressing need for an effective solution, one that addresses the root of the problem and offers a simpler, more efficient way to clean pet bedding.

Introducing the Game Changer: Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver

Vamoosh, an industry leader in pet care, has redefined the conventional approach to tackling the persistent problem of pet hair on bedding. They've introduced the Pet Hair Dissolver, the world's first pet hair remover explicitly designed for use in washing machines. This innovative product is far from ordinary; it ensures the cleaning of pet bedding is quicker and significantly less strenuous. Vamoosh's commitment to resolving this age-old problem doesn't end with the creation of a product; they've continuously refined their formula to handle even the heaviest shedding and deeply embedded hair. Thanks to Vamoosh, pet owners now have access to a quick, easy, and effective solution to pet hair on bedding.

The Pet Hair Dissolver by Vamoosh is a revolutionary response to a widespread issue among pet owners. It aims to tackle the challenge of stubborn, embedded pet hair head-on. As a pioneer in its field, Vamoosh offers pet owners an effortless way to wash pet bedding. The improved formula now perfectly suits those hairier breeds and tackles deep embedded pet hair more effectively.

Key features of Vamoosh's Pet Hair Dissolver include:

  • Dissolves hair with active oxygen

This powerful component brings a whole new level of effectiveness to the task of keeping your home clean and hair-free. It doesn't just remove pet hair; it dissolves it, breaking down those persistent strands that seem immune to vacuuming and brushing. With the power of active oxygen, pet owners no longer need to dread the seemingly endless task of hair removal. Instead, they can rest easy knowing that every last strand is being effectively dissolved, leaving their homes fresh, clean, and delightfully free of pet hair. The reign of stubborn pet hair is over; the era of active oxygen has begun.

  • Leave washing machines clean and free from hair

Imagine a world where your washing machine is perpetually pristine, devoid of the persistent pet hair that often lingers after a laundry cycle. This dream becomes a reality with the revolutionary product, Vamoosh. With its powerful formula, Vamoosh doesn't just promise clean laundry; it guarantees a washing machine left spotless and free from residual pet hair after each use. 

  • Eliminates odor

More than just getting rid of stubborn pet hair from your washing machine, Vamoosh takes it a step further. It works relentlessly to wipe out any disagreeable smells that have made a home in your pet's bedding, leaving it smelling fresh and clean. Say goodbye to the days of enduring the persistent smell of wet dog or used cat litter. With Vamoosh, each wash transforms your pet's bedding into a fresh-smelling sanctuary. It's more than just a laundry product; it's a comprehensive solution for a cleaner, more pleasant home environment for you and your pets.

  • Leaves bedding and machine hygienically clean

Breaking away from the limitations of conventional cleaning, Vamoosh delves beneath the surface, ensuring every fiber of your pet's bedding and every segment of your washing machine are left in an immaculately hygienic state. It's not solely about banishing visible dirt or pet hair; it's about delivering an in-depth, comprehensive cleanse that leaves both your pet's bedding and your washing machine in a truly hygienic condition. 

  • Leaves no chemical residue

Cleanliness and safety are two crucial factors every human desires for their homes, especially when you have pets. With Vamoosh Australia's Pet Hair Dissolver, you can now have both. Unlike traditional cleaning products, Vamoosh delivers a thorough clean without leaving any harmful chemical residues behind. It's not just about getting rid of pet hair; it's about creating a safe environment for both humans and animals to live. 

  • Contains zero chlorine bleach

It's no secret that many cleaning products can be harsh and potentially dangerous, especially for pets. That's why Vamoosh Australia is proud to offer the Pet Hair Dissolver, a product that's as effective as it is safe. Unlike many cleaners that contain chlorine bleach, which can be harmful to pets, Vamoosh's formula is free of this dangerous substance. This commitment to safety not only makes pet hair removal a simple and stress-free task, but it also offers peace of mind.

Understanding the Use of Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver

Vamoosh has brought a revolutionary product to the market, the Pet Hair Dissolver, that has simplified the once daunting task of removing pet hair from bedding, towels, and throws. However, many users often wonder if this innovative solution could be extended to their clothes. The answer, unfortunately, is no. The Pet Hair Dissolver operates at high treatment temperatures to efficiently dissolve pet hair, a condition that most clothing materials are not designed to withstand.

This, however, does not diminish the brilliance of the Pet Hair Dissolver when it comes to dealing with pet bedding and similar items. These items are typically made to endure high temperatures, making them the ideal candidates for a thorough clean with Vamoosh's groundbreaking product. The result? Pet bedding, towels, and throws that are not just free from stubborn pet hair, but also refreshed and odour-free. This is the quality and effectiveness that Vamoosh Australia promises with its Pet Hair Dissolver.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Pet Hair-Free Bedding

The relentless issue of pet hair on bedding has met its match with Vamoosh Australia's Pet Hair Dissolver. This groundbreaking product is rewriting the rules, offering a revolutionary approach to a common problem faced by pet owners across the globe. The step-by-step process of achieving pet hair-free bedding has never been simpler or more effective.

  1. The process starts with a simple step — pouring one sachet of Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver directly into your washing machine drawer. With this action, you ignite a powerful pet hair removal process that not only cleans but also revitalizes your bedding. For those tackling larger loads or more stubborn pet hair situations, two sachets of this groundbreaking solution will rise to the occasion. 

  2. Add the detergent of your choice to the mix, complementing the potent pet hair dissolving action of Vamoosh with the comforting scent of your preferred laundry product. And for those who love the feel of softer bedding against their skin, adding some fabric softener to the process only enhances the overall experience. 

  3. The next step in your cleaning routine involves introducing your furry friend's bedding to the washing machine. But remember, while Vamoosh is powerful, overloading the machine can limit its efficiency. So, it's crucial to keep the load moderate, offering every bit of fabric the chance to fully interact with the Pet Hair Dissolver

  4. Once the pet bedding is loaded into the machine with a moderate load, it's time to set the machine settings for optimal performance. The magic happens when you set your machine to run the longest, hottest cycle, typically at 85/95°C. This ensures that the Pet Hair Dissolver can fully activate and penetrate deep into the fabric fibers. Interestingly, it's crucial to bypass the "Clean" cycle if available. Instead, opt for the "Cotton" cycle set to the longest duration. This allows Vamoosh Australia's Pet Hair Dissolver to have ample time and the right conditions to effectively dissolve every stubborn strand of pet hair, leaving the bedding immaculately clean and fresh.

  5. After the cycle ends, dry the bedding as per your usual routine. Now, sit back and appreciate a pet hair-free bedding, all thanks to the magic of Vamoosh Australia's Pet Hair Dissolver.

Post the completion of the washing cycle, it's time to proceed to the drying phase as per your usual routine. But this time, there's an added bonus awaiting you. As you remove the bedding from the dryer, you can't help but marvel at the transformation. The bedding isn't just clean; it's pet hair-free, something that seemed like a far-fetched dream until now. Every stubborn strand of pet hair, every minute particle has been effectively dealt with, leaving behind nothing but fresh, clean bedding. This miraculous change is all courtesy of Vamoosh Australia's Pet Hair Dissolver. So now, all you have to do is sit back, relax and admire a bedding free of pet hair, a testament to the magic that Vamoosh Australia's Pet Hair Dissolver brings into your home.

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